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Sorry Constantin, I am rejecting this proposal or any variants of it.

* As Nick pointed-out in the referenced thread, we provide two tools: a functools caching decorator that is tightly focused on the task of caching function calls and a collections OrderedDict that is a general purpose data store suitable for implementing custom LRU logic when needed.

* As John pointed-out, this proposal isn't even fit for the original use case.  Any speed benefits of a tail recursion optimization get immediately wiped out by overhead of a LRU cache decorator, and the clarity of the original code starts to get lost in the extra code to call cache_get() and cache_put() -- remember the decorator was designed to wrap around a function without having to change the logic inside it.  Also, the optimization itself is fundamentally suspect because it changes the semantics of the language (thereby defeating all decorators that supply wrapper functions including memoization decorators, call loggers, precondition/postcondition checkers, subscription notifiers, type checkers, etc).

* The essence of this proposal is at odds with what the functools caching decorator is all about -- providing a cache for function calls.  The proposal bypasses the function call itself, making it more difficult to reason about what is in the cache (i.e. the result of previous function calls) and mucking up the cache hit/miss statistics which stop being meaningful.

* The proposal also adds API complexity (making it less like a function decorator and more like an exposed data store such as an ordered dictionary).  And, it creates a new control flow exception NotInCache.  Collectively, these changes make the decorator slower, harder to maintain, harder to learn, harder to avoid reentrancy and locking problems, and harder to reason about but it doesn't provide much if any incremental benefit over using an OrderedDict directly.  

* To the extent there are valid niche use cases, we shouldn't try to cater to all of them.  Good standard library API design stay focused on serving on the common case as well as possible and leaving the rest to OrderedDict or a third-party package (you're welcome to publish one to see if it actually serves a real need).

* In designing the cache, I surveyed previously published memoization decorators and did not find the proposed feature. That means that it is false to state that every memoization decorator *must have* some functionality to insert or lookup entries while bypassing the function call that was intended to be cached.  If it really was "must have" behavior, then it would have already been commonplace.  IMO, cache_put() is bad design (would you want you database cache to return something that was never in the database or your disk cache to return values that had never been written to disk?)

* Hopefully, this message explains my reasoning clearly, so you will understand why I'm closing this one.  That said, judging by the insistent wording of your posts, I don't expect that you will be convinced.  Your mental model of caching tools is very different from what the functools.lru_cache was intended to accomplish.  To the extent that you don't really want a transparent function decorator and would prefer a full featured class (with methods for getting, setting, deleting, re-ordering, listing, monitoring, etc), I recommend that you write one and post it to the Python Package Index.  The collections.OrderedDict() class should easily handle the LRU storage logic, so all you have to do is specify your API and decide which parts of the store you want to expose.
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