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Date 2014-11-28.20:50:32
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> FYI:  I applied these two changes right after Guido pronounced on PEP 479:

Extract of emails:

changeset:   93542:9eb0d0eb0992
parent:      93540:23f8a511050a
user:        Raymond Hettinger <python at>
date:        Sat Nov 22 21:56:23 2014 -0800

PEP 479:  Don't let StopIteration bubble out of calls to next() inside a generator.

changeset:   93543:e8b3083bb148
user:        Raymond Hettinger <python at>
date:        Sat Nov 22 22:14:41 2014 -0800

PEP 479:  Use the return-keyword instead of raising StopIteration inside a generators.
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