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Date 2014-11-26.21:45:08
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Attached is a proposed patch for the 2.7 branch.

It provides 2 changes to the documentation:
1) Moves the warning text block regarding synchronization functionality not necessarily being available on all systems to the "Synchronization between processes" section (Section in the 2.7 docs).
2) Adds a paragraph introducing (in the affirmative tone) a good/common practice as shown in a working example to drive home the key point about importability by subprocesses.  The original example of what not to do has been preserved by moving it to the "Using a pool of workers" section (Section in the 2.7 docs).

Note that this patch does not attempt to resolve the issue of :class:`Pool` not being resolved by Sphinx to properly point at the multiprocessing.pool.Pool class description.  This issue appears addressed in the 3.4 docs but not in some other branches.
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