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Date 2014-11-10.10:22:49
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When there's an unraisable exception (e.g. in __del__), and there's an exception in __repr__ as well, PyErr_WriteUnraisable returns after writing "Exception ignored in:" immediately.

I'd expect it to fall back to the default __repr__ instead.

See the attached example script.

Output with 3.4:

=== Obj ===
Exception ignored in: <bound method Obj.__del__ of <__main__.Obj object at 0x7fd842deb4a8>>
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 4, in __del__
    raise Exception('in del')
Exception: in del
=== BrokenObj ===
Exception ignored in: (no newline)

Output with 2.7:

=== Obj ===
Exception Exception: Exception('in del',) in <bound method Obj.__del__ of <__main__.Obj object at 0x7fa824dbfa50>> ignored
=== BrokenObj ===
Exception Exception: Exception('in del',) in  ignored

The output with 2.7 is a bit more useful, but still confusing.
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