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Author abusalimov
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Date 2014-10-26.21:06:19
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The attached patch fixes several bugs revealed by providing a custom mro(). Most of these bugs are reentrancy issues (mainly, cls.__bases__ assignment within mro() which causes incorrect refcounting), but there are also some issues when using incomplete types with uninitialized MRO (dereferencing NULL when extending such types, attribute lookup on super, etc.). The patch is made against the default branch (py3k), however all these bugs exist in Python 2 as well.

I also tried to break the patch into smaller pieces (commits, in fact) to ease reviewing: a common pattern is test->minor->fix series. The patch set is an output of `git format-patch`, and most patches have a detailed commit message describing a change inside.

Adding memory mgmt and object model guys to nosy list.
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