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Date 2014-10-24.18:25:13
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In order to make an inheritable pipe, the code is quite a bit different between posixes that implement pipe2 and those that don't (osx, mainly). I believe the officially-supported path is to call os.pipe() then os.setinheritable(). This seems objectionable since set_inheritable() code is invoked twice, where I'd prefer to invoke it zero times (or at most once).

Would it be acceptable to implement a pipe2 shim for those platforms?
If so, I'll (attempt to) provide a patch.

Alternatively, can we change the signature of os.pipe() to os.pipe(flags=O_CLOEXEC) ?  In my opinion, such a function could be implemented via pipe2 on those platforms that provide it, obviating any need for an os.pipe2.

Please tell me which patch to provide, if any.
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