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Date 2014-10-14.19:30:57
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The issue has a workaround: use LC_NUMERIC and LC_CTYPE locales which use the same encoding. To avoid issues, it's probably safer to only use UTF-8 locales, which are now available on modern Linux distro.

I don't like the idea of calling setlocale() just for this corner case, because it changes the locale for all threads. Even if Python is protected by the GIL, Python can be embedded or modules written in C may spawn threads which don't care of the GIL. Usually, if it can fail, it will fail :-)

I see that various people contributed to the issue, but it looks like the only user asking for the request is Stefan Krah. I prefer to close the issue and wait until more users ask for it before considering again the patch, or find a different way to implement the feature (support LC_NUMERIC and LC_CTYPE locales using a different encoding).

To be clear, I'm closing the issue right now.
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