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Date 2014-10-09.18:27:29
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I think we should give each extension with options other than 'enablexx' a single 'option-help' option that gives the 'signature' of the extension.  I suggest 'option-help', rather than just 'help', as the new 'reserved' option name as being more descriptive and less likely to already be in use in 3rd-party extension. Example (that indicates my ignorance of what the options mean ;-):

option-help=ParenMatch options
  bell->bool: Ring bell on failure(??)
  flash-delay->int: Milliseconds delay before ??
  style->choice: expression, statement??

Parse by splitting on '\n', ':', and '->'.
->bool would cause the current value to be read as a bool and True/False button to be displayed.
->int would cause current value to be read as int and entered value to be checked as int
->choice would cause radiobuttons to be displayed.
->float should also be recognized

The Help button at the bottom should display information about enablexx options.
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