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Author r.david.murray
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Date 2014-10-06.22:22:21
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I'm writing a little web server using aiohttp.  I tried to write a unit test...since this is a client server situation I launched the asyncio program in a thread and did a urlopen from the main thread.  That all works fine...the problem is in the cleanup code.  When I try to stop the server I created via create_server, I get the error in the title.

I've attached a stripped down version of my attempted unit test.  It does require aiohttp...I'm not well enough versed in asyncio yet to rewrite it using more fundamental pieces.

I may be doing something stupid here, but it seems to me that even if I am close should not throw this error (the error implies that it is already shut down, so I'd think the close would be a no-op).
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