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Date 2014-10-05.21:20:22
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Le 5 oct. 2014 20:04, "Mark Lawrence" <> a écrit :
> Mark Lawrence added the comment:
> @Christian/Victor could either of you provide a patch for this, it's way
beyond my knowledge I'm afraid.

I agree with Benjamin. Asking directly two developers to write a patch
don't add any value to the issue, it only puts pressure on them. If I
didn't write a patch before, it's probably because I'm not really
interested by the topic.

If you would like to contribute, you can close directly issues, test and
review patches, suggest an implementation, etc.

It's not all black or all white. Sometimes, your "ping" messages are
helpful reminders to finish the work or simply to close the issue.

By experience, most old issues are not finished because the bug only impact
a few people and it's possible to work around it, or because the feature
request is not interesting enough.

I didn't read this issue (i'm replying in my mail client), my remarks are
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