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Date 2014-10-01.17:35:49
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I have to disagree.  The intent is clearly expressed in the docs [1].  However, if I have a need to deal with partial amounts (say, 2.5 apples because I gave half of one to my horse ;), Counter will still work with that:

  --> treats = Counter({'carrots':12, 'apples':3, 'sugar_cubes':100})
  --> treats
  Counter({'sugar_cubes': 100, 'carrots': 12, 'apples': 3})
  --> treats['apples'] -= 0.5
  --> treats
  Counter({'sugar_cubes': 100, 'carrots': 12, 'apples': 2.5})

At least, it will until we fix that bug.  ;)
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