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Date 2014-09-27.16:07:37
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On Sep 27, 2014, at 02:59 PM, Ram Rachum wrote:

>Right now I want it for this: 

>Another use case I can think of is that if you store enum values in a
>database, you're probably using an int field and you'd want to easily convert
>between an enum and it's int value.

Why would you do that for non-int enum values?  There's lots of ways you could
store enum values in a database.   In Mailman, I use "regular" enums (not
IntEnums) but I use int values and store them in the database as INTEGERS.  I
could just as easily have used a string type and stored the enum member name
in the database.  Using subclasses and __members__ I think there's lots of
other viable alternatives that don't require changing the Enum API.
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