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Author vstinner
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Date 2014-09-17.12:12:25
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On Python 3.5 compiled in debug mode (or probably with python -Wd when compiled in release mode), I got this warning:

/home/haypo/prog/python/default/Lib/ ResourceWarning: Implicitly cleaning up <TemporaryDirectory '/tmp/tmpcr8u3m8v'>
  _warnings.warn(warn_message, ResourceWarning)

The script is really a corner case: the generator is garbage collected whereas it is not done. At the same time, the TemporaryDirectory object is also garbage collected. I guess that the exact order of object deletion is not reliable: the generator may be deleted before or after the TemporaryDirectory.

TemporaryDirectory._cleanup() is called by the finalizer (_weakref.finalize) of the TemporaryDirectory, which means that the TemporaryDirectory object is garbage collected.

TemporaryDirectory.cleanup() is called indirectly by 

I'm suprised that deleting a generator calls __exit__().

The following script has a more reliable behaviour: TemporaryDirectory.__exit__() is called when the generator is deleted, and TemporaryDirectory.cleanup() is not called.
import tempfile
import gc

def generator():
    with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory():
        print("before yield")
        print("after yield")
g = generator()

g = None
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