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Date 2014-09-15.13:19:10
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IMO test_codecs_fix1.patch is still needed.

Review of Nick's change:

+    interp = PyThreadState_GET()->interp;
+    if (interp->codec_search_path == NULL) {
+        return -1;
+    }

I don't think that this line raises an exception. You should use an assertion here (or raises an exception, but it would be overkill).

+        encodings._cache.pop(self.codec_name, None)
+        try:
+            _forget_codec(self.codec_name)
+        except KeyError:
+            pass

You may move these lines to a private encoding._forget() function.

By the way, codecs._forget() should maybe catch and ignore KeyError?

>          _TEST_CODECS.pop(self.codec_name, None)

This line may be moved to set_codec() using self.addCleanup(). (Well, it's not directly related to your change.)
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