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Date 2014-08-27.16:47:31
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The latest patch was written 5 years ago, it's probably a huge work to rebase it. Giampaolo wrote that the code changed a lot since this time (especially code handling errors).

asyncore-fix-refused-4.patch catchs EBADF. To me, it looks like a bug: if you get a EBADF error, we already made something wrong before.

The patch doesn't call obj.handle_expt_event() anymore in _exception() if obj is not a socket. It don't understand why. I don't understand neither why _exception() now raises a new socket error instead of calling obj.handle_expt_event().

All these changes are non trivial. I don't feel able to review the patch.

Sorry, I'm not interested to invest time on this deprecated module. It's time to move forward, to asyncio, and so I close this issue.
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