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Date 2014-08-25.01:16:13
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Your clean() function looses information. If a filename contains almost only undecodable characters, it will looks like ����.txt. It's not very useful. I would prefer to escape the byte. Mac OS X (HFS+ filesystem) uses for example %HH format: "\udc80" would be replaced with "%80" for example.

This format is also used in URLs. For example, "a\xe9b.txt" (latin-1, whereas my locale encoding is UTF-8) is displayed "a�b.txt" in Firefox (when listing a local directory), but Firefox uses the URL "file://.../a%E9b.txt" (hexadecimal in uppercase).

In the Gnome file browser (Nautilus), "a\xe9b.txt" (latin-1, whereas my locale encoding is UTF-8) is displayed "a�b.txt (invalid encoding)".
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