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Date 2014-08-24.11:46:13
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That's why I think a function like redecode is a bad idea.
With Python 2 I've seen lot of people blindingly trying .decode when .encode failed (and the other way around) whenever they were getting an UnicodeError (and the fact that decoding Unicode results in an encode error didn't help).
I'm afraid that confused developers will try to (mis)use redecode as a workaround to attempt to fix something that shouldn't be broken in the first place, without actually understanding what the real problem is.
There's really no excuse for developers not to know Unicode nowadays (Joel Spolsky said the same thing more than 10 years ago).
IME people also tend to overestimate how difficult it is to understand Unicode.  While it is true that you can go pretty deep down the rabbit hole, the basic concepts necessary for everyday use are pretty simple and straightforward.
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