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>> 1. With Tk 8.4, the extension gets a bit further but still fails:
>I fixed this now. Please let me know how it works now. 

Yep, 8.4 now seems to work just fine.

>> 2. I just noticed that the (now) "Line Number" menu item has no visual indication of its state nor does it preserve its state over IDLE sessions.  The Code Context extension for edit windows does both: the menu item has a checkmark when enabled and that state is restored when IDLE is restarted.

Thanks, that's much better.  One small problem: the "Line Number" menu option appears to be a global one, affecting all new windows.  But, if the option is toggled when more than one window is open (edit and/or shell), only the window which has the focus changes (adds or deletes the numbering sidebar); the other windows do not change although their "Line Number" menu option does (i.e. the check mark correctly appears or disappears).  So now the other windows are "out-of-sync" WRT line number status and could lead the user to think that the "Line Number" option is supposed to be local to each window.  Then when restarting IDLE, all windows are created with the last global value of "Line Number".  If the option is supposed to be global, then, when toggling the menu option, all open windows should ideally be updated immediately or at least updated the next time each becomes active.
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