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Date 2014-07-09.15:29:16
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Thanks for getting the XP bot running again, it looks like it's now having issues with how the tests are now run (some issue with how sys.stdin is set up in a subprocess); I'm not sure if that should be fixed by reverting back to not using, or fixing stdin in a subprocess on XP (which is now officially unsupported by 3.5 anyway...).

As for the fact that your bots are now doing full clones instead of pulls is disturbing and must be fixed, but I'm not sure how that happened.  The AMD64 Windows 7 bot is still doing pulls, so the new clean script shouldn't be a problem.  Do you have any insight into what happened on the x86 Win7 bot's build 8503[1]?  That should have been the first build with this issue's changes, but it didn't even try to update at all.

Build 10744[2] on the XP bot seems to have tried to clobber the build directory on update after a successful clean on the previous build, which doesn't make sense to me either (though the 'test' step did time out, which might play into it).

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