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Author xdegaye
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Date 2014-07-08.10:57:57
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Python 3.5 is still crashing with this test:

$ python
-> for i in gen():
(Pdb) break 3
Breakpoint 1 at
(Pdb) continue
-> yield i
(Pdb) step
-> yield i
(Pdb) jump 2
-> for i in range(1):
(Pdb) continue
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

It is true that frame_setlineno() assumes incorrectly that f->f_stacktop is not NULL, but the reason of the crash or of the "SystemError: unknown opcode" is that PyEval_EvalFrameEx() expects on its invocation f->f_lasti to refer to the index of the last instruction executed and sets (and assumes this instruction does not have argument) 'next_instr' accordingly to the next byte, while by jumping to line 2 we set f->f_lasti to zero and 'SETUP_LOOP', the opcode at this index, has an argument.

The attached patch is a slight improvement over the last one.
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