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Date 2014-07-07.17:41:23
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Serhiy: we are having a problem with tkinter sometimes reporting boolean vars as '0' and '1' versus 0 and 1. As I remember, you pushed a patch about this in the last year, probably before 3.4 came out, but after last August. Am I correct?  If so, do you remember the issue?

Saimadhav: changing expected values *back* to '0'/'1', as in Phil's original patch, will make the test fail on all the systems (including all stable buildbots) that *do* return  0/1. After Serhiy's fix, I had to switch to 0/1 for 3.4/5 to make the tests pass again, after the change made them fail. Notice that the 2.7 version, pushed on 6/30 also, still has '0', '1'.

The interesting question is why the Debian 3.4 system is different?  Why is it acting like 2.7?  Serhiy, do you have any idea? 

I am also puzzled why the corresponding text_tcl or _tk did not fail, as I presume there is a text for the change.
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