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Author r.david.murray
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Date 2014-07-03.18:55:27
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Thanks, Milan.

I made some tweaks...mostly documentation and code style (your code style wasn't wrong, I just have some slightly different preferences with regards to line folding).  I also eliminated the authobjects test method, since I didn't see that it added anything to duplicate the code from the login method to test them...they get tested via the login methods.  Instead I added the loop to the test for the auth method, so that we test that calling the public API with the auth objects that are documented as part of the public API work.  That is, if someone were to change login such that the method names changed but login still worked, the auth test method will throw an error because the documented method names changed.

I'm attaching the final patch here so you can look at the differences via the reitveld patch-diff function, if you want to.
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