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Date 2014-07-03.09:51:54
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I have reviewed the patch, and have one minor comment on it (see review page). Otherwise, I think it is good to go into v3 (The version list for this issue also shows 2.7, and the 2.7 version of this file is quite different from the v3 tip version, so a backport is still needed).

Barry's review I think is also still needed :-)

My 2 cents on your questions to Barry:

On 3): I like your proposal.

On a): Can you be more specific on where it is POSIX specific, and what the issue is with that?

On b): After understanding that your comment is about the v3 version, I agree with the comment in general. However, the set of functions changes between 2.7 and 3.x tip (for example, ugettext() from v2 is no longer in v3 because gettext() now returns Unicode strings), and if people try to understand what changed, I think it would be helpful to be more explicit, particularly because the v2 text is also explicit. So I would leave the "Unicode string" verbiage unchanged. But I don't have a strong opinion on this and can go either way.

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