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Date 2014-06-30.21:06:21
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I am not sure what you mean by Double Dutch, but let me try to restate the

This test fails (even with current python 2.7.7) with the stated version of
gdb (given the lack of feedback since I initially opened this ticket, I
have not verified that the failure mode is still exactly the same, and I
cannot check it right now, but let's assume it is).

Let's just pick one of the simple failures:

FAIL: test_exceptions (test.test_gdb.PrettyPrintTests)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/glade/scratch/ddvento/build/Python-2.7.3-westmere-gdb-
without-tipc/Lib/test/", line 307, in test_exceptions
    "exceptions.RuntimeError('I am an error',)")
AssertionError: "op@entry=exceptions.RuntimeError('I am an error',)" !=
"exceptions.RuntimeError('I am an error',)"

So this fails because there is a "op@" prefix in the strings being compared
(many, but not all failures have this problem with string prefix). I do not
know anything about the test itself or the module under test, so I have no
idea whether or not that string prefix is essential for the module to work


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> Double Dutch to me.
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