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Author Claudiu.Popa
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Date 2014-06-23.05:12:00
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The problem is that the repr of the underlying db is not very helpful either, as seen for the dbm backend.

>>> import dbm
>>>"test", "c")
<dbm.dumb._Database object at 0x03091FC0>
>>> f=_
>>> f[b"2"] = b"a"
>>> f
<dbm.dumb._Database object at 0x03091FC0>

But it shows the content of the underlying database, not the key / value pairs passed in the constructor:

>>> f=_
>>> f["2"] = "4"
>>> f
DbfilenameShelf({'2': '4'})
>>> f["40"] = "50"
>>> f.dict
<dbm.dumb._Database object at 0x02ACC038>
>>> f.dict.keys()
[b'40', b'2']
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