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I played around for a couple of hours, but am not sure what I want to do other than catching currently uncaught turtle.Terminator (in another issue). I might want to try my original idea of just using grid, without PanedWindow.

Another idea is to ttk widgets, including PanedWindow, to see if they act the same.
says "Typically the widgets you're adding to a panedwindow will be frames containing many other widgets.". Than implies that the combination should work. The (partial) example there (including a Python tkinter version) uses two ttk.LabelFrames in a ttk.PanedWindow. Perhaps you can try your minimal example with a ttk Frame.

Through Google I found an example of PanedWindow with two Frames here (line 29):
so it is definitely being done. If we cannot get it to work without tearing, I may ask on StackOverflow. So please post your minimal code of empty frames that exhibits the problem.
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