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Date 2014-06-20.14:39:55
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The regexp in Response_code checks for the existence of [] characters. The problem is that the strings may contain [] characters. I attach debug log which shows the data received from server and what the python extracted from it.

You can see that the PERNANENTFLAGS is truncated and everything from the ] character is lost:

(\Answered \Flagged \Draft \Deleted \Seen OIB-Seen-OIB/Social Networking $Phishing $Forwarded OIB-Seen-OIB/Home OIB-Seen-OIB/Shopping OIB-Seen-INBOX OIB-Seen-OIB/Business OIB-Seen-OIB/Entertainment $NotJunk $NotPhishing $Junk OIB-Seen-[Gmail
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