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It seems that the unicodedata module already supplies relevant functions which can be used for this. For example, we can replace "char in self._id_first_chars" with something like:

from unicodedata import normalize, category
norm_char = normalize(char)[0]
is_id_first_char = norm_char_first == '_' or category(norm_char_first) in {"Lu", "Ll", "Lt", "Lm", "Lo", "Nl"}

I'm not sure what the "Other_ID_Start property" mentioned in [1] and [2] means, though. Can we get someone with more in-depth knowledge of unicode to help with this? 

The real question is how to do this *fast*, since HyperParser does a *lot* of these checks. Do you think caching would be a good approach?

.. [1]:
.. [2]:
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