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Date 2014-06-14.09:48:14
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Originally reported on issue #21694.

Regarding, for example, the following code:
(3  +
 4 -   1)

Placing the cursor after the opening parenthesis and invoking the "Show surrounding parens" event causes just the first line to be highlighted. Obviously, the second line should be highlighted as well.

I've found a good (clean & fast) solution for shell windows, but can't find any good way for editor windows other than always parsing the entire code. Doing this every time HyperParser is used could significantly degrade IDLE's performance. Therefore I've decided to have this done only by ParenMatch.flash_paren_event(). Note that ParenMatch.paren_closed_event() doesn't need this, since all of the code which is relevant for inspection lies before the closing parenthesis.

See attached patch fixing this issue. Review and additional testing are required.
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