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Date 2014-06-11.06:29:52
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Refinement 1: in doing coverage for UndoDelegator, I noticed that the htest function is counted as missing (uncovered). Both of the following in .coveragerc work to ignore the block: name prefix; comment suffix.
	def htest_.*:
	.*# htest #
The second is more practical for alphabetical order in htest. It is also less work to change. The particular form marks it as not a normal comment.

Refinement 2: put all imports that are specific to the htest function at the top of the function. Since the function is only called once per process, there is no efficiency consideration. I decided that after the tkinter import at the top got me (wasting time) looking through UndoDelegator for a widget call that might be the source of the leak. The changes can wait until we edit the file anyway, or at least write a test.

However, the docstring at the top of should be changed.
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