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Author skrah
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Date 2014-06-10.17:34:56
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"I ran a quick test with profile-guided optimization (PGO, pronounced "pogo"), which has supposedly been improved since VC9, and
+saw a very unscientific 20% speed improvement on and 10% size reduction in python35.dll. I'm not sure what we used
+to get from VC9, but it certainly seems worth enabling provided it doesn't break anything. (Interestingly, PGO decided that
+only 1% of functions needed to be compiled for speed. Not sure if I can find out which ones those are but if anyone's
+interested I can give it a shot?)"

Steve, could you try if this is still a problem?  The (presumed) Visual Studio bug only surfaced when training the instrumented build with "profiletests.txt" and then doing the PGupdate build.

I'm opening this issue again and leave it at release blocker for 3.5.
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