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Author Saimadhav.Heblikar
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Date 2014-05-28.16:27:00
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Summary for 
htest-28052014-34.diff and htest-28052014-27.diff

1. Add htest for GrepDialog,UndoDelegator and configDialog
2. Makes changes to the way the help string is displayed. The label has been replaced by a text widget made to look like a label, and also scrollable. The result is that the htest root dialog stays in the same place and same size throughout.(See the code for more information).
3. Some minor change to spec dict strings and in ObjectBrowser for child dialog placement.

With this, it leaves AutoCompleteWindow, TkMessageBoxes, Debugger(from 21477-htest.txt) to be tested. 

OutputWindow - already being tested from GrepDialog. There is nothing extra to be tested separately.

FileList - Is it already being tested through EditorWindow?
In case there is a need to test them, please say so. The code is ready.

RemoteDebugger and RemoteObjectBrowser - I need some input on how to begin with them.

Next: Apart from the above htest, a way to destroy the child when user clicks 'next', for certain modules like ClassBrowser, which don't work by the method of
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