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This is a (non-comprehensive) list of issues that describe or imply that OverflowError on integers is normal.

- "Attached patch works around the inital issue (u'{0:c}'.format(256)) by raising OverflowError on int.__format__('c') if the value is not in range(0, 256)."
- "Patch applied to the default branch (but with OverflowError instead of ValueError for large positive inputs)."
- "CPython has historically imposed some artificial implementation specific details in order make the implementation cleaner and faster internally (i.e. a limit on the number of function arguments, sys.maxsize limits, etc.)"
- (No message explicitly telling that OverflowError is the right error to raise. However, it is implied that only the error message, not the error type, should be changed)

There might be other similar issues out there.
Am I opening a can of worms?
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