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Date 2014-05-18.06:45:59
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If you extract current Python (3.4 or trunk) into a directory, and anywhere in the name of the directory is the string "bad", such as


then test_write_filtered_python_package() in Lib/test/ will fail.  The reason is, the third subtest uses a "filterfunc" to ignore certain files, and its test to ignore files is effectively

   "bad" in fn

("fn" is an ill-conceived abbreviation for "filename")

This is overbroad.  Changing it to

   "Lib/test/bad" in fn

prevents this error.

I'm creating this issue just to remind myself to fix it.  3.4.1 is tagged and I didn't want to re-cut the release, but I didn't feel like pushing it while 3.4.1 hadn't landed in trunk yet.
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