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Date 2014-05-08.20:38:36
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I undestood this problem that It was happening,
I was writting the mime wrong in the attachments. I read a file with size
4M and I've converted to Base64, so I've written in the mime the content.
But i wasn't put the lines with 76 ccharacters plus ""/r/n". I was writing
the every in the only line. I think this did the Email Parser uses 100% of
the CPU and It delay mora time.
I packed up and I was sending email very fast.


2014-05-06 17:25 GMT-03:00 R. David Murray <>:

> R. David Murray added the comment:
> Also to clarify: HeaderParser will *also* read the entire message, it just
> won't look for MIME attachments in the 'everything else', it will just
> treat the 'everything else' as arbitrary data and record it as the payload
> of the top level Message object.
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