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Author tim.peters
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Date 2014-05-07.19:13:33
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Antoine, the carets are a symptom of my flu.  My fingers jump on the keyboard from sneezing and coughing, and my eyes are watery so I don't see the typos.  But I believe that can be fixed ;-)

I doubt the trashcan cruft is responsible, for several reasons:  I doubt the stack gets deep enough to trigger the trashcan in this little test;  the trashcan xxx_deposit_object() functions assert-fail unless the object's state is _already_ untracked (trashcan does not itself untrack anything); and the trashcan list is linked via the gc_prev member, not the gc_next member (trashcan doesn't touch gc_next, so could not have set gc_next to NULL).  Because of the second reason, even if the trashcan is involved the object must have gotten untracked earlier.

I'll do another debugger session after a nap ;-)
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