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Author jesstess
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Date 2014-04-28.06:03:23
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Thanks for the ticket and patch, xapple!

I updated the patch to address the compiler warning and use assertEqual.

While testing, I noticed that slicing with steps wasn't supported, so I expanded the sqlite3.Row slicing code to support steps, and added some additional tests.

The slicing code in Modules/_sqlite/row.c:pysqlite_row_subscript is unfortunately pretty redundant with the slicing code in Objects/tupleobject.c. It'd be better to either be able to factor the code from both into a function (but I couldn't see how to do this without making it part of the public API), or have tuple, sqlite.Row, etc.  implement a shared slicing interface. Perhaps we should defer that decision to a future ticket, though.

Note that even after this patch, sqlite.Row instances don't support negative indices.

* This patch passes `make patchcheck`.
* The full test suite passes with this patch.
* There are no build warnings related to the patch.
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