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Date 2014-04-28.03:36:14
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Thanks for reporting this and providing a patch, Trundle.

The Python 3 patch didn't apply cleanly anymore, so I regenerated it and added tests for sys.version_info and sys.getwindowsversion.

* The patch passes `make patchcheck`
* The full test suite passes with this patch.
* Testing manually, without this patch each of the following segfaults, and with the patch they raise errors instead:

import sys; sys.flags.__new__(type(sys.flags))
import sys; sys.version_info.__new__(type(sys.version_info))
import sys; sys.getwindowsversion().__new__(type(sys.getwindowsversion()))

One important caveat is that while I confirmed the sys.getwindowsversion segfault on Windows, I don't have Visual Studio set up so I couldn't build and test the new test for sys.getwindowsversion (I ran the full test suite on OSX, where this test is skipped).
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