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Date 2014-04-26.14:21:34
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I'm sure you have heard about OpenBSD's LibreSSL fork of OpenSSL. There has been a lot of code reorganisation and removal. One function which was removed `RAND_egd()` breaks the CPython build. CPython no longer builds on OpenBSD.

I have submitted a patch against PyPy already. The application library part of the change can probably be re-used since PyPy borrows CPython's application-level standard library (including the `ssl` and `socket` module). However, for the interpreter level change, the build system will probably have to be hacked. We need to check for the existence of `RAND_egd()` at configure time and only build in support if the function is found.

The PyPy patch (and some discussion) is here:

I may have a go at doing this myself (for Python-2.7 at least) if no-one steps up in the meantime; for now just making the CPython devs aware.

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