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Author Anton.Afanasyev
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Date 2014-04-21.12:13:49
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This issue results in redundant memory consumption for e.g. in this case:

from itertools import *

def test_islice():

    items, lookahead = tee(repeat(1, int(1e9)))
    lookahead = islice(lookahead, 10)

    for item in lookahead:

    for item in items:

if __name__ == "__main__":
This demo is taken from real case where one needs to look ahead input stream before processing it. For my PC this demo stops with 'Segmentation fault' message after exhausting all PC memory, while running it with patched python consumes only 0.1% of memory till the end.

When one uses pure pythonic implementation of itertools.islice() (taken from docs), the issue goes away as well, since this implementation doesn't store redundant reference to source iterator.

def islice(iterable, *args):
    s = slice(*args)
    it = iter(xrange(s.start or 0, s.stop or sys.maxint, s.step or 1))
    nexti = next(it)
    for i, element in enumerate(iterable):
        if i == nexti:
            yield element
            nexti = next(it)

Attaching patch for this issue. Have to change '__reduce__()' method since now unpickling of exhausted 'islice()' object cannot return old source iterator.
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