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Date 2014-04-18.20:31:41
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Here is my code:

   self._image_set_number = Spinbox(self._ramp_group, from_=0, to=999, command=self.reset_rep, format="%03.0f")
   self._repetition_change = Spinbox(self._ramp_group, from_=00, to=99, format="%02.0f")

On Linux, the spinners behave as expected. There are always three digits in "_image_set_number" and two digits in "_repetition_change". The values are padded on the left by zeros. When I use the small arrows to increase the value, it works as expected.

But, on Windows 7 64-bit, the small arrows do not behave as expected. They go up to "008" and then go back to "000" on the next click. Am I missing something or is this a bug in the the Windows version of Tkinter?
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