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Date 2014-04-16.21:06:23
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FYI, this broke building in a separate object directory (again!) for multiple reasons: it's running the script without specifying $(srcdir), and it's writing to $(srcdir)/Include/opcode.h (where $(srcdir) may be unwritable), and it's picking up the wrong opcode module: the sys.path mucking in Tools/ isn't inserting the right directory for 'import opcode' to pick up the target-Python's It should probably be using execfile() and have the name of the file passed in, instead.

Even if it were importing the right, relying on 'import' or 'execfile' here sounds like a bad idea: it means the opcode module of the *target* Python needs to be compatible with the Python that the script runs with. Since the syntax of opcode.h is much more constrained, a more flexible approach, in my opinion, would be to parse opcode.h to produce (or an with just the definitions, that would then import.)
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