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Author nikratio
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Date 2014-04-14.02:26:36
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> Can you please extend your benchmark to also measure read and readinto?

Yes - but I don't quite understand why it matters (if you need read1/readinto1, you cannot just use read/readinto instead).

C readinto1: 4.638e-01 seconds
C read1:     4.026e-01 seconds
C readinto:  4.655e-01 seconds
C read:      4.028e-01 seconds
Python readinto1: 1.056e+00 seconds
Python read1:     2.429e+00 seconds
Python readinto:  1.895e+00 seconds
Python read:      1.218e+00 seconds

That shows that the Python readinto is definetely not up-to-par and could use improvement as well. Is that what you're getting at?

> I'm puzzled why you are treating readinto1 differently from readinto.

Maybe this is why we seem to be talking past each other :-). I did not look or work on readinto at all. All I noticed is that there is a read1, but no readinto1. So I implemented a readinto1 as well as I could.
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