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Date 2014-04-13.15:38:49
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Paul: Discussion of the PEP is out of the scope of this issue. The primary point of the PEP process is that it steers discussion. So if you object to the PEP, contact the PEP author and ask for your objection to be considered, and if not that, at least be recorded.

I feel that your proposed change is highly confusing. People might expect that 

array.array('i', 3)

creates an array with the single value 3 (just as they factually do expect that for bytes). Keyword-only parameters might clear that ambiguity, e.g.

array.array('i', len=3)
array.array(type='i', len=3, value=0)

In any case, it is unlikely that anything will be done with this issue unless you provide a patch (and that still would be no guarantee that somebody accepts it).
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