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No, the problem is that that ov.cancel() will attempt to cancel the IO, but a subsequent ov.getresult(True) doesn't always return what was *actually* written to the pipe unless you explicitly wait for the result to be available. But even if you explicitly wait for ov.pending to be False, even if you alternate between checking for ov.pending to be False and for WaitForSingleObject() to return that the event was signaled (which may never actually happen, according to my tests), ov.getresult(True) could *still* raise an exception (that same WinError 995), and we *still* don't know how much data was sent.

As one of your comments on subprocess_2.patch, you said:
> Should probably add an assertion that 512 bytes was written.

That's not always the case. I found several odd byte writes, and some writes that were whatever blocksize I'd chosen minus 32 bytes (though not reported on the write side due to the aforementioned exception/counting error, but the child process read an odd number of bytes).

How about you take a look at the patch I'm uploading now. It gets rid of the loop in write_nonblocking(), as per Giampaolo's request adds a blocksize parameter on reading, and because I was in there, I added a timeout to writing.

If in this new patch I'm doing something wrong, and you can explain via code how to guarantee that ProcessTestCase._test_multiple_passes doesn't fail, I'd really appreciate it.
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