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Date 2014-03-25.10:37:51
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Martin: this is clearly a bug, as it is now (Python 3.3 onwards) impossible to use an external module (in a .so) from a frozen binary. 
The phrase "please help" was intended to fix the bug. If there is a new option then this would also result in some kind of a bug, since nowhere documented. It turns unusable in many situations. At least it cannot be done as in Python 3.2 (described above) and the many other methods I tried. The mailing list can only be a last option, since Meador's patches are nowhere officially included and thus not very widespread. Unfortunately, both of your advices only work in theory for me. However, I am glad to have found in you a person who gives at least some advices.

Meanwhile, the psycopg guys are do (also) not see a bug on their side:
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