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The following output of shows that the Tracer trace function is still called in foo() after the New_tracer trace function has been installed with sys.settrace() from within the trace function itself, and even though f_trace has been set on all the frames of the stack with the new trace function as this is done in bdb.Bdb.set_trace():

Tracer:line at <module>:30
Tracer:call at foo:23
Tracer:line at foo:24
New_tracer:call at bar:27
New_tracer:line at bar:27
New_tracer:return at bar:27
Tracer:line at foo:25
Tracer:return at foo:25
New_tracer:return at <module>:30

Python should not allow to call successfully sys.settrace() when tracing, except for sys.settrace(None).
This does not seem easy to fix without adding some state, as the 'tracing' field in PyThreadState is used for both trace/profile codes.
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