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The earlier in a release cycle we switch NEWS methods, the better.  Does anyone have any thoughts to share about this, either on Brett's, my, or another approach entirely?

I've updated the playground branch of sandbox/new_news to mirror current default (3.5.0a0), and have added .news files in the tree to match the current state of Misc/NEWS.  I've also linked the repository to this issue.

You can play with adding NEWS entries by running Tools/scripts/ and see how it looks put together by running Tools/scripts/ (or write Misc/NEWS and remove all parts with "Tools/scripts/ write").

Other interesting things to try:
- Create a .news file with, then use `hg commit -l Misc/<section>/<filename>.news`
- Do the above in a single step: `Tools/scripts/ | hg commit -l -`
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