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Author Saimadhav.Heblikar
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Date 2014-03-18.16:20:52
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The old file had a typo and i have removed it.

The new file does everything stated in msg213722 and also has the errors removed.
I have added tests for the little change in code to pyclbr.its called test_string_source.
All the tests related to pyclbr pass

test_decorators (__main__.PyclbrTest) ... ok
test_easy (__main__.PyclbrTest) ... ok
test_issue_14798 (__main__.PyclbrTest) ... ok
test_others (__main__.PyclbrTest) ... ok
test_string_source (__main__.PyclbrTest) ... ok
Ran 5 tests in 17.489s

The patch in its current form is fully functional.Do let me if any part requires modification.
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