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Date 2014-03-12.14:46:24
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That 'what's new' item seems relevant, except that the issue here
is related to the __file__ attribute instead of __path__. Could it
be that the same fix actually updated how the __file__ attribute is
defined as well?

The bug seems to be caused by importlib\ expecting its
__file__ attribute to be defined, thus not allowing it to be frozen
at all. :-(

Based on my rather slim understanding of how module 'freezing'
works I guess executables wanting to freeze the
importlib\ module can work around the problem by adding
code to the front of that module to hardcode its __file__ attribute
value, before freezing it. However I'd be happier with Python not
requiring that the __file__attribute be defined internally at all.
Imposing a workaround such as this on anyone wanting to freeze the
importlib package seems rather nasty.

Best regards,
  Jurko Gospodnetić
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